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Vegan Champignon Stew


There are various ways and possibilities, the secret of success is to add something from your own, be original!

This easy, vegan, gluten-free and fast meal you can eat any time, for lunch or for dinner, it is light and delicious! The creamy texture of every bite makes you want more and more. It is so easy to serve over rice, bulgur, mashed potatoes, some pasta or even only eat it with some salad, really tasty and healthy!

There are many of varieties, how this meal can be made, but, the thing is, however you make it, it can not be bad, it is your choice. The best solution for those days when you are running out of the things, and then you just combine what you have. No need to rush, just look around and in 30-40 minutes you have a perfect, savory meal in front of you.

For me, it is also a memory on my grandmothers kitchen, she use to make it on this way, those are the smells of my childhood.

What I can recommend additionally to this recipe is to add some chili paprika, fresh or ground, anyway you will not make a mistake if you like spicy food. It will make it even more fantastic!

Look at the ingredients for a moment, a little bit of everything: carrot, potato, onion, garlic, champignons, spices, huge amount of vitamins packed in one pot!

Plant-based diet is interesting and natural, no need to worry too much about the way how and what to cook. It is true that you have to research, to learn about food and ingredients so you can make sure that you are providing all necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. The vegetables are cooked very fast and the satisfaction is mostly achieved.

Indulge yourself in adventure of natural and healthy diet, and let it make you happier, healthier and full motivated for resolving every day challenges.

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Ingredients for Vegan Champignon Stew:


500 g Champignons

150 g fresh green Peas

500 ml Passed Tomatoes

50 g Celeriac

1 Onion

2 Garlic cloves

1 Potato

1 Carrot

2 2 tsp Himalayan Salt

1/2 tsp ground Black Pepper

1 tsp Brown Sugar

1 bunch of fresh Parsley Leaves

100 ml Oil

Preparation of  Vegan Champignon Stew:


  1. Shell the Peas.
  2. Peel the Onion and Garlic, then peel the Potato, Carrot and the necessary amount of Celeriac.
  3. Wash the vegetables, the green Peas and the Champignons.
  4. Finely chop the Onion and Garlic Sautée a few minutes.
  5. In maintime, Carrot and Potato cut into bigger pieces and the Celeriac cut into a small cubes.
  6. Finally chop the Champignons and add it into a Pot, and Sautée for additional 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Add Salt and Pepper, Potato, Carrot and Celeriac cubes, stir it well.
  8. Then add the Passed Tomatoes, the brown Sugar, the Peas, then pour enough Water to cover the amount of Cooking Pot.
  9. Reduce the temperature and cook for additional 10 minutes, during this time chop the Parsley Leaves .
  10. Add the Parsley Leaves, stir it and cook until thickend.

More you cook, you will become a better MasterChef. Enjoy Your Meal!


Preparation time: max 60 min

Amount: 4 Serves