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Sunflower seeds spread with Dill


The things what we were looking at on some way, we can look from a different viewpoint.

Sunflower seeds are the source of a lot’s of vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids like Omega 6, very high level of Vitamin E, selenium – which is extremely important for the thyroid and also magnesium for the balancing our whole body system.

Here is the list of % DV needed for our body what we can find in this very healthy plant:

35g contains:

vitamin E ( 82% ), copper ( 70% ), vitamin B1 (43%), selenium ( 34% ), phosphorus ( 33% ),

manganese ( 30% ), vitamin B6 ( 28% ), magnesium ( 27% ), folate ( 20% ), vitamin B3 ( 18% ), Calories 204.

Also, very important is that sunflower seeds are helping with inflammatory and cardiovascular problems, the phytosterols brings cholesterol to lower level and so many other things.

This spread you can combine with paprika powder, parsley or some other ingredient instead of dill.

Ingredients for the Sunflower seeds spread with Dill:


200g raw Sunflower seeds

1 tsp Himalayan Salt

2 Lemons

1 tbsp fresh Dill

100ml Water

Preparation of  the Sunflower seeds spread with Dill:


  1. The raw sunflower seeds soak the evening before in the water 8 to 10 hours.
  2. Squeeze the lemon to get the fresh lemon juice.
  3. All ingredients put in a blender and mix until the spread is smooth.
  4. If necessary, add some Water.

Enjoy the fantastic raw vegan spread!

Prepraration time: 8-10 hours + 10 minutes

Amount: about 600 g

Watch Video Recipe