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Baba Ganoush – Vegan Eggplant Spread


Taste this wonderful creamy Spread as soon as possible! Goes best with Tortillas!

This video recipe is about very tasty, creamy, once when you taste it, never forgettable dip or spread. At the moment when you feel the mixture of the spices, the smoky and salty deliciousness will take over your senses.

It goes perfect with raw vegetables, in flatbread, for tortillas like a good solution for dip choice, for fajitas, then you can eat it together with falafel or simple like an appetizer with some toasted bread.

About the preparation process, I would emphasize that tahini is an indispensable ingredient if you want to get the original taste. There are many recipes that do not contain sesame paste, but together with Cumin Powder, Tahini gives it a smoky and special note to remember.

Baba Ganoush is originally from Lebanon, it is a mix of mashed, cooked, baked or grilled Eggplants with Tahini Paste, Garlic, and Olive Oil. Other spices and additional ingredients are optional. It is a classic appetizer in the Arabic kitchen but it has spread all over the world like part of the Arabic fast food street stations.

Beside Hummus, Baba Ganoush is a very common and favorite spread, another name is aubergine dip.

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Ingredients for Baba Ganoush:


2 Eggplants

2 Garlic Cloves

1/4 tsp Cumin Powder

1/2 tsp ground Black Pepper

1 tsp Himalayan Salt

3 tbsp Homemade Tahini

100 ml Olive Oil

1 Lemon

Black Olives for decoration

1 bunch of fresh Parsley Leaves

Preparation of the Vegan Eggplant Spread:


  1. Turn on the Oven on 220 degrees.
  2. Cut the Eggplants in Half lengthways, prick them with the Fork, put in the Baking Dish coated with Aluminium Foil and bake in the Oven for 30 minutes.
  3. Squeeze the Lemon
  4. chop the Parsley Leaves
  5. Peel the Garlic and cut into bigger pieces.
  6. Take out the Eggplants from the Oven and leave to cool, with the Spoon, scoop out the flesh of the Eggplants .
  7. Pour in the Food Processor: Eggplants, Tahini, Garlic, chopped Parsley Leaves (reserve some for decoration), Salt, Pepper, Cumin Powder, Oil and 3 tbsp fresh Lemon Juice.
  8. Mix it all well until it becomes creamy.
  9. Pour into small container, chop the Olives,  and decorate as you wish.

You can serve it on so many ways, like Appetizer or additional ingredient for Meals, it is perfect and creamy! Enjoy Your Meal!



Preparation time: About 45 minutes

Amount: for 4 Serves