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Natural Food Colors


THE GAME IS ON!!! Play with colors and taste them, have fun, and make funny things! Enjoy the game!


In this video, you can see how can you make colors from food, fruits, and vegetables, on a natural and simple way. You can play, taste them, make colorful things and interesting food products for your family and friends. The best way to use these colors is to make cooked sweet or salty rice balls, which you can see in some of our upcoming videos. Of course, you can use these colors to make creams for cakes, all kinds of pastas, and so many other interesting things.

This is a combination game of fun, taste, colors, creativity, you can explore how can you use those colors in your cooking or baking art, and bring joy and smile on the faces when you serve your specialty for the guests, friends or family members.

When I found out the possibility of making natural colors, I was impatient to try it out in my home. Well, when I accepted the challenge for the first time, it took me hours to experiment, but I was so busy, that I did not figure out how the time was running so fast. It is a kind of spending time to try to make something exceptional and original. The best part was that almost all colors taste so good, and during washing the dishes, I was enjoying to taste a bit, except the cabbage and spinach, that was not some sweet experiance.

Some suggestion for using the certain color is for instance on dessert plates, or for some other food decorations, colored pastas or muffins, depending on your opened joy in order to make art and fun from the cooking process. I am sure that everyone who will see and try your colorful plate offer, will recommend it to others, and even would be curious about the process, how to make these colors on their own?!

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